General concepts of the unit – Esquemas 1 y 2 y pdf

Relief – Relief2Relief 3 (ppt) – The Composition of the Earth (video)

The Earth’s relief (animation)

The Earth’s structureInterior of EarthPlate tectonics


The Earth’s surface: continents and oceans

The River’s Courses  – River’s Courses (interactive)Rivers (interactive)Rivers (extra)Videos

Glaciers (12) –  Perito MorenoGroundwater

The origin of reliefContinental relief

Coastal reliefThe Ocean floor

The water cycleWater cycle 2Water cycle 3

Vocanoes (interactive)Vocanoes 2Volcano exploding –  Tsunamis (animation)Savage EarthEarthquakes CrosswordEarthquakes for kids

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other natural hazards (more destruction) – San Francisco Earthqueake 1916 (Time Machine)


1) Label the Earth’s diagram

2) Label the continentsQuiz

3) Continents and Oceans worksheets

4) Rivers of the World

5) Bodies of Water activities

6) Glaciers activities

7) Water Cycle activities

8 Volcano activities 1,2,